All India Skype Meeting

If you’ve come here through the “Are you a Loner Addict?” page, you will know that we have many members, new and old, who are based out of places with no NA Meetings.

The All India Skype Meeting is an NA Meeting similar to a regular NA Meeting.

  • People join from all over India. Some from other countries too.
  • Audio Only meeting with no Video displayed.
  • Members talk about their experience of living life without drugs.
  • Members connect with one another to share their hope and strength with one another.


Just follow the below instructions to be a part of the Skype Meeting.

  1. Log In to your Skype Account. You will need to create a new Skype account in case you don’t have one.
  2. Using the Search-bar, look for na.india (that’s na <dot> india, not naindia)
  3. When you find the name NA India, click Add to Contact
  4. Join the Meeting at:
Day of WeekTime
Monday9 PM to 10 PM
Wednesday9 PM to 10 PM
Friday9 PM to 10 PM

Still need help? Get in touch with us and someone will help you out.