Are you a Loner Addict?

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Are you a Loner Addict seeking recovery?

Extracted from IP #21, The Loner—Staying Clean in Isolation

…we identify “the loner” as a geographically isolated addict who wants to recover from addiction. If you are unable to come to NA meetings, we hope that this pamphlet will reach you and offer workable solutions for living a happy, joyous, and free life.

Although this pamphlet is directed specifically to addicts recovering in remote areas, unable to attend regular NA meetings, any addict who reads this pamphlet will gain some valuable insights on how to recover from the disease of addiction. Most of us, at some point in our recovery, have experienced feelings of loneliness or isolation. There are also addicts who feel isolated from others because of hearing or visual impairment or some other physical disability. So, whether we are isolated emotionally, physically, or geographically, we believe the suggestions offered in this pamphlet will help any addict stay clean and find a new way of life.

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