Information about SOSONA

The Vision of SOSONA (formerly SIRSCONA)

SOSONA’s vision is that one day…

  1. Every addict in the Indian Region has an opportunity to experience our message of recovery in his or her own language and culture.
  2. All NA communities throughout India work in unity with SOSONA to further the primary purpose of Narcotics Anonymous.
  3. As a result of the unified efforts of all NA communities in India, Narcotics Anonymous has national recognition and respect as a viable program of recovery.

SOSONA Purpose

The Society of Indian Regional Service Committees of Narcotics Anonymous serves as the single point of accountability for all Regional Services within the Indian Region. The SOSONA will assist with the coordination of NA services and functions common to the Area Service Committees within this Region. We are here to respond to the needs of the Fellowship of NA whenever possible. On the Inter-Regional level; the SOSONA exists to facilitate communication between this Region, other Regions and NA World Services. On the Intra-Regional level; our purpose is to further the unity of the NA Fellowship within the Indian Region by communicating with one another on all matters pertaining to: our common welfare, unity and strengthening and serving our Fellowship. This Service Committee’s actions/decisions must always be in accordance with the spirit of the 12 Traditions and the 12 Concepts of Service.

SOSONA Functions

  1. The SOSONA shall maintain a bank account.
  2. The SOSONA shall conduct training workshops as needed.
  3. The SOSONA shall file IT Returns regularly to maintain the status of “Society”
  4. The SOSONA shall provide financial information about cash and bank accounts to all areas within Indian region.
  5. The SOSONA shall provide timely minutes after the end of each meet.
  6. The SOSONA shall meet on a bi-annual basis. Meeting Place will be decided using rotation.
  7. The SOSONA shall delegate the task of hosting a Regional Convention to a capable area.
  8. The SOSONA shall assist individual areas in PI efforts, H & I Efforts, Outreach, Translation and other service efforts.
  9. The SOSONA will be the single point of accountability for Literature distribution within the Indian region.
  10. The SOSONA relies on group and area contributions for its functioning and will perform fundraising in the form of merchandising to offset any budgetary shortages.
  11. The SOSONA shall conduct the CAR Workshop at the First meet every even year to enable RD attending the World Service Conference in carrying the Region’s Conscience.
  12. The SOSONA shall act as a conduit of information between NAWS and Individual Areas/Groups.
  13. The SOSONA shall endeavour in creating credibility for Narcotics Anonymous as a viable program of recovery from drug addiction in India through national PR efforts wherever possible.
  14. The SOSONA shall provide a forecasted annual budget to all areas.

The Participants of SOSONA

  1. The SOSONA shall be composed of:
    1. Duly elected officers:
      1. Chair
      2. Vice Chair
      3. Treasurer
      4. Secretary
      5. Regional Delegate (RD)
      6. Alternate Regional Delegate (RD Alt)
    2. Regional Committee Members (RCM)) and their Alternates who have been elected and represent their area’s conscience.
    3. Web Committee and Ad Hoc Chairs eg: IRCNA.
  2. These participants shall attend all Regional Service Conferences until the close of business. Members of NA, outside the SOSONA, may attend Regional Service Meets as non-participant observers using their RCM’s as channels by which to communicate, or may be granted the floor by the Chair.T he Web Chair and Ad Hoc Chair eg IRCNA Chair may be given exception to this.
  3. RCM’s and their Alternates representing a newly formed area and attending a Regional Service Conference for the first time will not be recognized as a voting participant until their attendance at a second, consecutive conference.
  4. Absence at two consecutive conferences by an RCM and RCM Alternate implies inactivity of that area as a voting member of the SOSONA. That area will be recognized as a voting participant once its RCM or RCM Alternate attends two conferences consecutively.
  5. Absence at two consecutive conferences by any elected officer may be cause enough for removal.
  6. Any RSC or Committee officer shall not, within the past five years, have been convicted of a crime (i.e., felony or misdemeanor) or have had a civil judgment entered against him or her relating to the misappropriation or misuse of funds or property.
  7. Each of the above listed participants normally serves for a period of two years.
  8. Each of these offices is open to any member of the Fellowship who meets the requirements stated in the policies and it’s a suggestion that the nominee be present at the time of nominations.
  9. No chair or vice chair of SOSONA committee shall hold a chair or vice chair position on any ASC within the Indian Region.
  10. Based on our experience and to ensure continuity, outgoing officers are encouraged to remain active within the Conference and help train newly elected officers.